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IMO PCB Relays

IMOs range of PCB Relays have been designed for virtually any application. Many of them are available with AC and DC Coils and Normally Open, Normally Closed and Change-over Contacts, being suitable for the majority of electrical or electronic applications.
Constructed from the higest quality contact materials to ensure integrity and reliability, the IMO Relays range includes Automotive Relays, Power Relays, Signal Relays and Solar Relays, plus a range of compatible sockets for mounting.

IMO PCB Relay Benefits
  • Wide range of PCB Relays to suit virtually any application
  • Heritage relay manufacturer since 1970
  • Range of compatible sockets available
  • UR and aUR approvals

IMO PCB Relay Products

Automotive Relays
Power Relays
Signal Relays
Solar Relays
Terminal Blocks