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Case Study: PV RSD Community Project

We were contacted by an existing Systems Integrator customer that was involved in a community project for the Flemmington Area Food Pantry located in Flemington, New Jersey. The project once completed, will enable them to be more self-sufficient in producing their own electricity, reducing the cost of paying for energy supply. The necessity for an NEC 2017 compliant rapid shutdown solution was for insurance purposes, and also to protect the volunteer staff and ambient food reserves in the event of a fire or other such emergency.

The community project was well under way when the Systems Integrator contacted us, and they had already specified First Solar Series 4 PV modules for the PV installation. First Solar Series 4 PV modules have a high voltage (VOC), and as such the Systems Integrator had difficulty in finding a rapid shutdown solution that would fit the specification of the installation.

The FireRaptor can be used with PV modules in either a 2-to-1 or 1-to1 configuration. Where the combined rating of two panels exceeds the rating of the FireRaptor in a 2-to-1 configuration, the FireRaptor should be utilized in a 1-to-1 configuration of one FireRaptor per PV module. Under evaluation, it was found that this project would require an individual FireRaptor unit per PV module to keep it within the FireRaptor’s safety ratings, and subsequently 310 FireRaptors were supplied for this project.

With the FireRaptor’s specification of up to 150V input for a single solar panel (75V each for two solar panels), the customer was able to incorporate the FireRaptor into the installation, and utilize the high output panels well within the safety limitations.

" The IMO FireRaptor was the only product that met our criteria technically for this project. An added benefit is that it’s always nice to partner with a company that enjoys giving back to the community as we do.".
Project Manager, System Integrator

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2021-11-21 22:03:00

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