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Case Study: LCD Monitor Recycling Solution

An Italian customer called Technologies For Automation S.r.l. that specialises in in providing Industry 4.0 enabling technologies and innovation through automation technology in order to make the modern factory smarter, approached us for assistance in providing components for an LCD monitor recycling solution.

The solution in question was based around a modular conveyor system with dedicated robotic arms, which was designed to move end-of-life LCD monitors from a picking zone to a disassembly area. The conveyor was planned to take the LCD monitors through a dark room to allow artificial vision cameras to detect the positions of the screws on the back side of the monitors. Following this operation, each monitor was then moved on to a dedicated robotic arm island where they were completely disassembled from their support frames, and were then moved along the conveyor to the next working stations.

After considerable consultation, it was decided that 10x SD1 AC Inverter Drives would be employed for managing the entire movement of the solution, which were in turn connected to a PLC via Modbus RTU. By utilising this protocol, the solution has been able to reduce the amount of internal wiring within the panel as well as reducing the number of PLC I/O modules previously used.

The panel also required the use of Motor Circuit Breakers, DIN Rail Terminals, Miniature Circuit Breakers and Power Supplies, which we were able to supply. The DIN Rail Terminals offered were from the SCP (Spring Connection Pluggable) range - our most advanced range of terminals - which allowed for the entire system to be fitted with the necessary connectors so on-site installation of the solution was simplified and made considerably quicker as it only needed to be plugged together.

The first solution of its kind is now in service, decommissioning the redundant LCD monitors.

"We are very happy to use IMO's products for our monitor recycling solution, with particular appreciation of the SCP terminals which has allowed us to connect all of the machine board cables with connectors, reducing the assembly time for an on-site installation.".
Ing. Francesco Alberti, Owner, Technologies for Automation S.r.l.

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2021-12-21 22:03:00

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