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Case Study: 18MW Rooftop PV Installation RSD

IMO Automation LLC was approached by a customer who was a major US-based EMC (a solar company that provides PV System Engineering, Procurement and Construction) that was working on a project comprising over 18MW of solar energy in the South West of the United States.

Operations and ongoing maintenance requirements of the entire installation were key concerns for the EMC in their assessment of the most appropriate Rapid Shutdown solution as well as safety concerns due to the installation on a rooftop of a working storage facility. AFCI (Arc Fault Circuit Interruption) was a particular area of interest given recent concerns regarding possible interference from system components.

An assessment of the installation specification determined a need for a 1:1 configuration of 65,000 FireRaptor FRS-01 modules over the entire project. Custom made control boxes were supplied to accommodate the sectionalised shutdown requirements the customer wanted to achieve.

With such a large-scale project, the FireRaptor’s easy installation and set-up without the need for more complex implementation was appreciated as was the 20 year warranty giving peace of mind and long term confidence in the product’s reliability.

" We found the FireRaptor to be exactly as advertised - easy to install and easy to use. O&M was a major concern for us, but the with IMO product we confident in the long-term outcome of this project.".
Lead Engineer, EMC

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2021-11-24 22:03:00

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